Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Painting paintings.

so... yeah. Haven't updated in awhile. But that is OK because NO ONE READS THIS ANYWAY. Sad Walrus ;_____;

Anyway, saw these two guys online the on Design*Sponge yesterday:

And, being OF THAT AGE, I totally have a bunch of thrift store paintings. Because I am a cliche. So I says to myself "Self, let's do it!" and myself said "Yeah totally!"

I was hard picking out what I wanted on it. Dinosaur silhouette? Skulls? It was either going to be 'OH SHIT!' or 'BALLS' but I went the ironic route instead. (The ironic route is like the scenic route, but with more abandoned theme parks and creepy gas stations!)

So yeah. SCENIC VISTA, yo. One more coat to go and I'll be in Irony-ville, albeit in the suburb of Irreverent. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go listen to vinyl records of BANDS THAT HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN FORMED YET.

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