Saturday, April 10, 2010

I have been BUSY

with the 'broiderin. I call this guy Mr. Chubby Hooves. Cute, right?

Scanning makes it look a little weird (and yellowish) but I am too lazy to charge my camera and find some light. Our house has many, many curtains. It is very dark. It's a dark house. When it's nice outside (like it is right now) it feels like our front door opens out onto the sun.

Mr. Chubby Hooves looks like he needs some art on his butt. But what? (what what, in the butt?) I was thinking maybe some hearts but his EYES are already hearts and I don't want it to look like he has:
1. Eyes on his butt.
2. Butt on his eyes.


Jen said...

in the butt

Drumtron2001 said...

I think you should put some cherries on his butt, like a slut's tattoo.

Kent said...

It is my understanding that horses enjoy, on their buttocks, the deep saciation of carnal love.

Or a four-leaf clover! With sparkles!