Sunday, March 13, 2011

Burger Math

So, my boyfriend loves hamburgers the same way I love unicorns. Which is to say, very much and also not at all. It's a love born from irony. So I have made him many hamburger things.

I have made him a hamburger ice-breaker button:

and a more festive, embroidered one:

I even had this T-shirt made:

So, he's gotta lotta hamburger crafts, which brings me to my latest. I have never stitched on apparel before, and it was about time. You can only have so many tea towels.

HAMBURGER GANGS!! They be throwin' pickles at old ladies and loiterin' at our Sonics!




Embroidering with yarn on something as smushy as a sweatshirt was like, the most comfortable crafting ever. I wanted to hug it and sleep on it. I liked using it because it wasn't so important that it look... um... particularly skillful. I mean, it's a hamburger hoodie. If it looks a little wonky, it only adds to it's charm. Crappy charm.

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Larissa said...

Best thing EVER.