Thursday, March 24, 2011

Peter Gabriel Week, Day 4

I was scanning google image search for some Pete-spiration for the post today and I found something pretty good.

So...  you know how sometimes, guys are shirtless and it seems kind of normal? But then OTHER TIMES some guy is not wearing a shirt, and it is more like "OH MY! WHY ARE YOU TOPLESS? COVER THAT UP, PERV!"

Well guess which way I feel about this photo.

Who stole his shirt? That's super mean, you guys.

Let's cover him up.  OK, first thing's first. Hide them nips.

OK much better. What else?




Nice. Now he needs a disguise in case they try to steal his clothes again.

OK good. Now let's just give him a friend...

Much better. 

What was he doing when his clothes got stolen right before his ROCKSTAR photoshoot?



Oh, Peter. Your clothes didn't get stolen, did they.

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