Monday, May 30, 2011


OK, so, it's summer. Maybe you have not noticed, but bananas? Totally hot right now?

 Keep reading for the pattern, some blabbering & a link for this rad image filter.

OK so I knew I wanted to do a xstitch but not on aida... because... well, fuck samplers. How many do you need, really? Xstitch looks way cooler on normal fabric.

So I actually thought maybe I could use my ipad as a lazy light table. (No printing!)

It didn't work. Got bananas traced, though.

So I used waste canvas. I stitched it on and then I put it in the hoop.

If I wasn't a retard, I would have stitched it on AFTER I put the towel on a hoop.

I just colored in the pattern with a transfer pen (which are awesome) instead of counting.

Pulling out all that waste canvas was a bit of a mess but it was kind of fun, like peeling glue off your hands.

Anyway, then I embroidered them nanners.

So here's the pattern, baby.

You can use whatever nanners you want, but here's mine. I considered xstitch bananas but I got lazy.

And HERE is the link for this img filter TOYCAMERA ANALOGCOLOR which is in Japanese but the program is in English. It's a little slow but oh man it's fun.

Check it:

Wow those actually all kind of look the same. So um, if your photo is not all yellow - it has tons of options.


Kent said...

No nanner recipe?

Jenny said...

Sorry bro, I will get you one