Friday, March 13, 2009


pony so short, people thought it was stuck in mud!

horse stuck in a tree!

what it looks like inside my mind!

worlds smallest horse (is not a pony!)

OMFG three legged pony!

hamburger eating, beer fetching pony!

teeny tiny pony (horse!)

effing adorable ponies!

dancing horse!

Marimba Ponies! (not actual ponies...but cute)
They call me Bigfoot

Because I am 5'9" I obviously need over-the-knee fringe boots. Oh, but these are not ANY fringed boot. They're like medieval jousting horse blankets made into boots... but suede. So, in honor of my new acquisition of what I will now call my Yeti Makers, here's some photos explaining just why I like them. Or at least, what they make me think of.

Oh that's right, the WEIRD Planet of the Apes.

I only needed a pic of Chewie but, I really like this one... heehee

Ok, so you live in a horrible, arid terrain. Life is tough. Why the hell is everyone
wearing leather bathing suits? ISN'T IT UNCOMFORTABLE? Wouldn't you rather
prefer something airy? Like cotton? It should read

I like this movie, not only because of the animals, but because the Beastmaster's
love interest is like, his cousin... which they kinda forgot about that as far as, oh,

Yeah So... a lot of loin cloths. Speaking of which, how awesome was Grace Jones in Conan the Destroyer? Let me answer that for you. Head-sploding awesome.

Let us not forget...